Circle 1st Farm (Nelson Valley) Science Hill, Kentucky

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Bobby Akin

Bobby Akin of Circle 1st Farm in Science Hill, Kentucky has worked in wood all his life. First, working construction for 40 years and now building children size shaker style furniture. Bobby, now retired still enjoys creating new things. I sat and talked to Bobby about the wood working he does. You could clearly see the glimmer in his eyes as he showed me the animals he’s made out of wood. He had cows, sheep and pigs. The pigs even had teats and smaller baby pigs to go along with it. They were amazing. He showed me different things he’s created and many different types of wood he uses, not to forget the massive amount of tools he’s collected over the years.

Beautifully Handcrafted China

Whether alone or in good company Bobby also seemed to enjoy his little friends. One of his special buddies, a cute, cuddly and a very feisty rat terrier named Heathen, who kept interrupting our photo shoot. But, thats was okay with me as he soon became my new friend too. Throughout Kentucky you will find many different life styles. The ones that hit home the most though are those with special talent that today’s society has long forgotten.


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1 Response to Circle 1st Farm (Nelson Valley) Science Hill, Kentucky

  1. Jean says:

    This article and pictures brings back sweet memories of my dad who could build or make anything with just two hands, a few tools, and pieces of wood. Thanks for reviving some memories for me. Kentucky is full of people who are so talented. The man in this article is talented with making things and you with the camera who is talented with capturing his talents.

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