Mill Springs National Cemetery Nancy, Kentucky

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Mill Springs National Cemetery

Mill Springs National Cemetery is located Nancy, Kentucky

“One of the 12 national cemeteries created by Congress, the Mill Springs National Cemetery officially opened in 1867. The cemetery encompasses approximately 7 acres (one of the smallest active national cemeteries in the country) and holds the graves of many of the Union soldiers killed in the Battle of Mill Springs and other soldiers from the time of the Civil War through today.

National Cemetery

In the southwest corner of the cemetery is the grave of William and Nancy Logan. The Logans owned most of the land whree the battle occurred and they donated the land for the Mill Springs Cemetery.” (Information from the Mill Springs Battlefield Visitors Center and Museum Brochure) More information can be obtained by visiting their website at:

Soldiers Plaque

Our soldiers


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4 Responses to Mill Springs National Cemetery Nancy, Kentucky

  1. ktzefr says:

    Great job highlighting some of the photos and adding a link! Really good choice of pictures.

  2. Jim Albertson says:

    Very nice my grandfather George W. Tarter was one of the first curators of the Mill Springs Cemetery.

  3. Chris Cundiff says:

    Great pictures. My grandfather is buried there as will my my granfather when she passes. The new visito center there is very nice.

  4. Betty SueJones Tuggle says:

    My father ,Ralph Jones is buried there near flag pole.It is a beautiful place.My thoughts are with all who have loved ones resting there.

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