Beautiful Places in Science Hill, Kentucky

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Small Kentucky Waterfall

Small wonders are found in the smallest places. Riding through the countryside on our motorcycles my husband and I came across this beautiful yet small piece of beauty.  One can only hope to see such a beautiful site. With my new boots on I was totally determined to wade through the water to get the perfect picture of this natural piece of nature. The water, reaching just above my boot level I slowly walked across the rocks and began my short journey.

Amazing Beauty

Click, click my camera began to catch what you see before you the gentle waters flowing slowly over each rock. I didn’t care that I had new boots on. I didn’t care that I was getting wet. All I wanted was that perfect picture before me. Science Hill Kentucky is a very small town. But reaching beyond the outskirts of town, it is small things like this that make me smile. Today, I felt like a kid playing in the creek next to my grandparent’s house when I was small. The water was shallow with tiny minnows swinging downstream. Good memories of my childhood days came rushing back. Kentucky is a beautiful place, but the best places are those you don’t see in travel brochures. It is places like these.


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