Puerto Rico

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Old San Juan Puerto Rico

A recent trip to Puerto Rico left me mesmerized. The beautiful beaches that surround the island with a touch of amazing history that follows. Seeing photography and actually being there are definitely two different feelings. Before the trip I researched Puerto Rico looking through many, many photographs. But, being there in person was nothing more than amazing to be able to walk through the streets, meeting the people there and actually feeling the culture sink in. I am now on a journey to learn the Spanish language. Puerto Rico is full of many things to do and everything is painted in the brightest of colors.

The Red Monkey

The buildings are old but full of life. Each street houses a variety of businesses whether it’s a restaurant, a souvenir shop, a drug store or a small clothing store for everyone in your household. My mother and I tried several of the restaurants while there and one of my favorites was in the back of a small clothing store called “A Tropical Taste”.

El Fuerte San Cristóbal

On our adventure, we visited El Fuerte San Cristóbal, named after the hill it sits

on, was built because of Spain’s need to expand its defenses following the Dutch invasion of 1625. As El Morro defended the city the from northern seaward attacks, San Cristóbal would protect the city from eastern attacks by land.

Puerto Rico is 100 long by 35 miles wide and as a result of its geographical position in the center of the arc of the Antilles; Puerto Rico is essentially a crossroads of Hispanic and Anglo cultures. Despite its very diverse influx of cultures, Puerto Rico has been a part of the United States since 1898 and Puerto Ricans have been U.S. citizens since 1917.

Hotel El Convento (The Hotel we stayed at)

Puerto Rico offers a distinctive cultural experience as well as the natural beauty of an island. While there we visited The El Yunque Rain Forest, San Juan’s Historic Cemetery, The Butterfly People, San Juan Cathedral and many more.  Enjoy the photos along with several links for more information on Puerto Rico. Some of the information written here was found on the website links below. The last picture was posted especially for my Pops, since he was determined that I get a photo of the Governor’s Mansion. Enjoy!

The Governor's Home











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  1. ktzefr says:

    Great pics, T. I have a photo of the same fountain, but it’s full of school kids at recess — soaked in blue jeans and tees.

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