Lost River Cave Bowling Green, Kentucky

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Recently, I got to visit the Lost River Cave in Bowling Green, Kentucky. It was quite amazing. Although leaning way down in a boat so our backs and heads would clear the roof going in was kind of scary, it was one cave I won’t soon forget. Being dark in the cave with minimal light to see I could only capture a few underground images. This is a small cave but has a very interesting story behind it as you will see. Below is a link that has tons of information on it to check out.

The First Inhabitants
From the moment the first human set foot at Lost River, the cave and valley have been used as a safe and plentiful source of food, water and shelter. Evidence of such use has been uncovered by archaeologists at Western Kentucky University. The cultural artifacts discovered by these experts tell the story of Kentucky’s earliest inhabitants and Lost River’s place in their lives.

Ten thousand years ago, the Kentucky climate was cooler and wetter—supporting a landscape of evergreen forest. The Paleo Indian Cultural Tradition, also known as“big game hunters,” roamed the forests in search of food and shelter. These humans utilized Clovis spear points to bring down such animals as the giant ground sloth, the mammoth and the mastodon. They were nomadic groups, moving between different camp sites seasonally. Anthropologist Jack Schock of Western Kentucky University believes that these prehistoric Kentucky tribes camped at Lost River Cave in the winter, enjoying shelter from the cave as well as clean water from the blue hole. (Follow link for full History of the cave) http://www.lostrivercave.com/


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  1. That looks beautiful. Never been down to Bowling Green, but I think you’ve just given me a reason to 🙂

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