Keeneland Thoroughbred Racing Lexington, Kentucky

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Recently, I went to Keeneland with my parents and had a blast betting on the horses. Of course I spent too much money, but in the end I at least won one of my bets. In one of the photos you see two men, one of whom is Ken Ramsey of Ramsey Farms in Nicholasville, Kentucky who has many thoroughbred horses and races them all over the United States and the other being Keeneland’s Bugler Bucky Sallee of 49 years.  Apparently, the bad weather didn’t stop all the spectators as most carried huge umbrellas and stood near the track. I myself had a nice swat under the sheltered roof, but chose to stand next to the track snapping pictures. This was very exciting as I watched the horses more than I snapped my camera.  Follow the link for the History of Keeneland.



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