Antioch (Burnside) Kentucky

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A little piece of heaven in Antioch, Kentucky will literally take your breath away. I can honestly say these pictures don’t do this place justice. It is so peaceful and quite. I could have spent the whole day there just walking through the water enjoying the sites. But, of course my guide Corey had been there many times and I’m sure he got tired of pulling me up embankments and keeping me from sliding down on the mossy covered rocks.  Thanks Corey for showing me your secret hide-away place. The further we traveled back into the woods the more beautiful it became. It was later in the afternoon as the sun was glistening through the trees I found that one piece of silence I so much needed. While there we also ran across a couple millipede’s which are rather poisonous, the yellow spots were a warning. I’m sure there are a thousand more creatures we didn’t see and many more lurking beneath the leaves. I plan to go back and go deeper into the woods very soon.



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4 Responses to Antioch (Burnside) Kentucky

  1. hollythumper says:

    This is very pretty. Where is this at?

  2. kentuckyheir says:

    Antioch is a small community of Burnside, Kentucky

  3. nokiaunlock says: is amazing, bookmarked!

  4. Like your blog!! and the photos.

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