Random Kentucky Photos

Recently a friend and I decided to go in search of a few perfect photos. Walking for miles we stumbled across a few amazing places. Randomly snapping our cameras we were able to capture some amazing things. More Kentucky places to come.                                                                             



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Photographer, traveler and born to succeed!
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5 Responses to Random Kentucky Photos

  1. Great pictures…you’ll have to go back in the fall. I’ll bet the colors would be outstanding!

  2. Norma Moini says:

    Leticia, these are really nice pictures. I was wondering…I have a genealogical quest to find a picture of the city monument for Somerset, KY that lists a handful of men as the founding fathers of Somerset. Do you know where I can find an upclose picture of that monument?? Thanks for your help!!

  3. Norma Moini says:

    Thank you, thank you!!

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