Pickard’s Farm Barbourville, Kentucky

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Pickard’s Farm has existed since the year 1916. Although the farm was small in the beginning, it has grown way beyond what you can see in these pictures — over the mountain and down the river a great distance. Owner Don Pickard and his wife June have lived on the original farm since the early 70′s. When Don Pickard purchased all the nearby adjoining land, he turned this once small farm into an amazing place to raise children and grandchildren.  He added a large gazebo with a full working kitchen, a dock to fish from, a cabin with bunks and a sitting porch over the water, a sandy beach in process and a playground.

One feature that absolutely amazed me was the outhouse with running water, a sink, and a regular toilet. I know guests have to love that feature.  In addition to the buildings and furnishings on the farm, there are some incredible animals. The Sicilian Miniature Donkeys are adorable, and there are American Paint Horses and some really awesome Texas Longhorn Steer.   A flock of swallows nest below the deck and ducks lay their eggs in nests under the cabin.   I could honestly spend a whole day on the farm just walking around looking at everything and enjoying the serenity.  Time seemed to pass too quickly when I was there, so I’m hoping to go back soon and spend a little more time walking the riverbank and fishing for hours.

See links at the bottom of this post for more information on the history of the animals on Pickard’s Farm.


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  1. my favorites are the sweet little donkeys 🙂

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