Memorial Weekend

Memorial weekend was a blast. My husband and I along with two other couples traveled into Tennessee and North Carolina on our Harley’s.  Traveling on a timeline in order to see and do everything we wanted to in three days was a challenge. When you’re on a motorcycle, you also pray for no rain. Our plans included riding on some serious curvy roads that are well known in those areas so we were hoping for the best. We did however get lucky and were only caught in the rain once the entire trip. Below I will add links to some of the places we visited. For all you bikers out there, you need to check these places out, you won’t regret it. One of our first stops was a place called “Bobarosa Saloon”. We arrived early so not much was going on, but sitting by the scenic French Broad River and enjoying the scenery before continuing our journey was awesome.

My review: Soothing by the riverside and definitely biker friendly.


Bobarosa  Bobarosa  Bobarosa  Bobarosa


290 The Rattler, just outside of Hot Springs, NC with 290 curves in 24 miles from Lake Junaluska to Hot Springs and  another 30 curves from Hot Springs, NC to the Bobarosa Saloon which is located in Del Rio, TN My review: Good ride, but too many gravels in the curves.


The Rattler  The Rattler  The Rattler  The Rattler


The Hellbender 28 is located in the Great Smokey Mountains. This one we traveled twice. Unsure of the exact amount of curves, but believe me there were plenty.

My review: Loved it!

Hellbender  Hellbender  Hellbender  Hellbender


Tail of the Dragon has 311 curves in 11 miles. Tail of the Dragon is definitely a ride every biker needs to ride. Scary? Well, from my perspective it was. Scraping metal to concrete around those mind blowing curves were not what I expected, so yes it was intense. But, I’m glad I got to ride it.

My review: Scary, but definitely an adrenaline rush.


Tail of the Dragon  Tail of the Dragon  Tail of the Dragon  Tail of the Dragon  Tail of the Dragon  Tail of the Dragon  Tail of the Dragon  Tail of the Dragon  Tail of the Dragon  Tail of the Dragon  Tail of the Dragon  Tail of the Dragon  Tail of the Dragon  Tail of the Dragon  Tail of the Dragon


Cherohala Skyway

This is definitely a place to see, so beautiful. My review: Awesome!

Image77 Image78 Image79


Wheels Through Time

This was a really cool museum with plenty to see. The show was also amazing! If you’re a biker go, you won’t regret it. My review: Really Cool!

Wheels Through Time Image25 Image26 Image27 Image28 Image29 Image30 Image31 Image32 Image33


Fontana Dam

My review: Beautiful Overlook

Image75 Image74 Fontana Dam Image55 Image56 Image59 Image83


Other random photos and places we visited from our trip.

Image35 Image37 Image40 Image45 Image46 Image58 Image60 Image61 Image65 Image66 Image67 Image68 Image95


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