New year New Changes

Not all changes are good but those that are tend to be the best. Many things throughout our lives change on a daily basis from the tiniest to the largest and with each new day and somewhere in between you find yourself in an unfamiliar world of puppy craziness. During the last couple of months I have been trying my best to get use to raising a new puppy. Geez their hard work. But, as the days pass things get better then we back slide. But, with a face like this you tend to let some things slide and tell yourself…. Okay tomorrow will be better. Well let’s hope so anyways. This little tornado is all up in our cats business. He herds them, he reroutes their direction and attacks them (playfully). On occasion he does get put in his place. He’s slowly learning who’s boss in this home and well you guessed it, it’s not him. So, remember when you get a new puppy they are extremely hard work. At least it has been for me. I love this little booger though. He’s very intelligent and learns fast. He hops like a bunny, can jump in my arms, I’ve taught him to use the talking buttons. He likes the play button. I know my cats hate hearing that one go off lol but meet my little tornado Lenny. Cute isn’t he 😊 He’s a miniature Aussie.

Lenny my little tornado

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